Métis Nation's Youth Summit on Climate Change


Kisac (Swampy Cree for “with a view to the future”) is our cultural education program. To ensure that the future is better, we are investing now in acquainting and enriching youth with their birthright. Someday they will be carrying these traditions forward to the next generation.

The Métis National Council’s Youth Summit on Climate Change also recognizes that creating the leaders of tomorrow begins today and youth lived experiences became part of the dialogue about Métis autonomy to exercise self-determining climate policies and programs.

We were invited to make a presentation on Y4Y Canada’s projects, perform Métis jigging, and invite our Junior Jiggers to share what they’ve learned in front of an audience. They have varying levels of experience but were equally thrilled for this chance to perform. Thank you for cheering them on. It keeps them committed to learning.

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