Our Lady of Victory School


We are always glad for a chance to share Métis culture and dance with students!

Thank you to the Ottawa Catholic School Board for inviting us to OLV present to 4 classes.

We began with a presentation of Métis history, with special emphasis on the French influence on Métis culture, as part of Francophonie Month. We finished with a Q&A session for students interested in learning more.

Then, we performed the Sash Dance, the Red River Jig, the Orange Blossom Special, and Maple Sugar. Afterwards, we demonstrated some basic jigging steps and taught the students some simple routines which they performed to traditional fiddle music.

The students were really enthusiastic participants and we enjoyed our time together very much.

We are always happy to take pictures with anyone who wants to remember these special days together. Don’t be shy! Just ask!

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