Kisac 2024 Events

Thank you for attending our 2024 free Indigenous workshop series! There’s more to come!

Kisac 2023 Events

Thank you for attending our 2023 free Indigenous workshop series!

Covers of Love Christmas 2023

For a second Christmas, Kisac partnered with Covers of Love to bring handmade dolls and blankets to Indigenous children. This year, we were also able …

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

We spent our day for reflection together, as it should be, then made an entire weekend out of it.

Junior Jigger Workshop Series

We’re passing what we’ve learned to the next generation!

Jigging, Fancy Shawl, and Hoop Dance Workshop

Another session to introduce youth to traditional Indigenous dances!

Bannock Pizza Workshop

Another new activity for 2023!

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