About Kîšâc

(Kîšâc - pronunciation by Ellen Cook)

Tânisi êkwa / Hi. How are you?

Kîšâc is a word from Swampy Cree which means “ahead of time / in preparation / with a view to the future”. For you it means a community where Indigenous youth can learn together, connecting through cultures.

Whether you are at the beginning of your learning journey — acquainting yourself with a culture you never received because of the residential school legacy — or looking for a place to enjoy enriching experiences with other Indigenous youth, Kisac is for you.

Kisac is brought to you by Youth4Youth Canada, a social good organization founded and managed by four Indigenous girls of Swampy Cree and Mi’gmaq culture. It is funded through grants and individual donations and strives only to spread as much positivity as possible while breaking even.

Write to us at y4yCanada at gmail.com for more information.

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